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Cancer Care

Injury Care

For More Information

Family Heritage Life offers industry leading supplemental health programs, with the unique benefit of

full return of premium (100% Money Back) for non-use.


Heart Attack / Stroke      Accident 

Supplemental Policies Offered

Intensive Care           Hospital Indemnity          Life

Our commitment to Policy Holders


•  Benefits are paid DIRECTLY TO YOU, to use any way you see fit

•  Benefits are paid IN ADDITION to any other insurance you have

•  Claim payments are DEPOSITED DIRECTLY to your bank account
•  Coverage is GUARANTEED RENEWABLE for life — only you can cancel

• Phone calls answered by a LIVE PERSON — all services are provided in the United States

•  Premium DOES NOT INCREASE with age or because of claims

•  Family Heritage Life has NEVER RAISED A RATE on an existing policyholder

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