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Commission / Bonus / Stock

We offer an extremely attractive commission structure, with set promotional guidelines base on revenue generation and performance.  Average 1st year new agents earn between $45k to $65k, one in 8 new agents earn $100k plus. 

Advancement base on performance

RMFG advances team members careers based on performance.  We attract professionals looking for a level playing field that rewards on effort and achievement.  We never place limits on how far you want to grow your personal business.  We focus on helping leaders attain their goals.


Personal / Professional Growth

We believe that in business, as in life, that if you aren’t growing you are dying. Most RMFG representatives did not come from a background related to our industry. We train and develop our professionals from the ground up. We offer an ongoing comprehensive and thorough professional development program.   Agents learn the importance of Supplemental Health Insurance.


Your career begins with 4 days of classroom training at Sales Academy, followed by hands on Field Training. Finally, we offer the opportunity for a lifetime of support and personal advancement through weekly Face-To-Face Seminars, weekly Virtual Training, and Bi-Annual National Leadership Conferences.

Incentive Trips

Twice a year, we travel to some of the best destinations in the United States.  Our National Leadership Conferences focus on gathering to interact with the top agents, and agency owners, with plenty of free time to explore some of the best cities in the US. 

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