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Corona Virus PSA

Hey friends. I very rarely post anything business related on social media. Many of you may not know “really” what I do for work, so given our current situation, I feel an obligation to give you a quick update.


I want to be VERY CLEAR: I’m NOT attempting to capitalize on the fear of COVID-19 by any stretch. However, I feel I’d be doing all of my friends a great disservice if I didn’t at least mention that what I do for a living that could potentially help you and your family financially should something

happen to you, especially with the reality of this current virus.

There are so many people doing everything they can to try to make ends meet for

their families during this crisis.

If you get COVID-19 (or anything else) and end up in a hospital room,

our Elite Indemnicare (Hospital Confinement) pays $300 per day.

Our Elite ICU, our plan will pay you $1600 per day.

Our company pays this money directly to you. Our policies pay above and beyond any health insurance you have, that way you can continue to pay your personal bills, help offset

potential lost wages, and pay your deductibles.

AND If you never end up getting sick or hurt (which is certainly our hope), we pay back

100% of your unused premiums.


For more information, contact your local representative.

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